Hello Readers,

It’s been a while since I last posted. As many of you know, I teach at a university here in Eastern China and that means I get a looooooooooong holiday!

This year I went travelling through Europe and Thailand. I saw my parents in Scotland, did some museums in Amsterdam, saw some beautiful architecture and art in Antwerp, walked up to the castle in Bratislava, shot some awesome photos in Budapest, and then took my girlfriend to Thailand. You read about that at my blog.

I’ve been posting some secrets to IELTS success on my IELTS website while travelling throughout the summer because there’s a good community of readers there who need to get a high score in their IELTS test. Check it out and consider bookmarking the website. (A share on social media is also a great help.)

I’ve also been working on a book about the Beat Generation. It concerns Allen Ginsberg and his extensive world travels. Take a look at my Beatdom website if you’re interested in that sort of literature – lots of essays on Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, and others.

But I’ve not been posting here as much as I like. This is where I post materials I use in class, and, as I said above, I’ve not taught for 2 months!

So hopefully many of you will continue checking back in the coming weeks because I will be posting a flurry of materials here, including many PPTs and PDFs after I use them in my lessons. This year my classes will be mostly IELTS, but I also teach a general writing course.

Here’s a PPT I designed that asks your students “Why should they study IELTS?” It acts as a very basic overview of the IELTS exam and what it can do to help your students in their futures.