Hi there,

Welcome IELTS Teaching, a website for ESL and IELTS teachers around the world. My name is David S. Wills and I’m a teacher here in China. I’m originally from the UK, where I got my MA in Literature, but I moved to Asia in 2008 and have been here every since. I’ve taught in South Korea, Taiwan, and China, and even lived in Cambodia for a while. I have TEFL, CELTA, and a Cambridge certificate in teaching writing.

When I’m not teaching, I write and edit books about the Beat Generation. A few years ago, I wrote the book Scientologist! William S. Burroughs and the ‘Weird Cult’. I’ve also written a book about IELTS, which you can find in the sidebar —>

This website exists for me to share lesson plans, materials, and some bits of advice about teaching. I don’t claim to be a great authority on the subject, but I remember when I was new at teaching and was constantly online, seeking ideas and materials for my lessons. I just created the sort of useful stuff that I would have enjoyed back then. Hopefully you get a kick out of it, too. 😉