On this website, I have posted many activities, lesson plans, and resources for IELTS teachers. Today, though, I have a few different activities for you. I have made three different tests that you can give to your students. There is a practice speaking test, a grammar test, and a vocabulary test. You are welcome to download, modify, and share any of these 3 free IELTS tests.

ielts teaching class

These will probably be helpful for most IELTS teachers because you can print them and give them out in your lesson with zero preparation, except for the speaking test, which you would need to incorporate into a structured lesson.

Please feel free to share these if you like. Just give credit if you do. Thanks!

Practice IELTS Speaking Test

The following document contains a full IELTS speaking test. The questions were compiled by me and this is based upon the standard test format, and uses the usual topics.

IELTS Grammar Test

I mark essays every day for my IELTS writing correction service and this means that I know what the major grammar problems are facing IELTS students. These include subject-verb agreement, verb tense, articles, and referencing. I have made a short test that includes all of these things. The answers can be found on the second page.

IELTS Vocabulary Test

Finally, I will give you the last of my free IELTS resources. Vocabulary is very important when preparing for IELTS and I have made a vocabulary test. Of course, the best way to prepare is by learning the different IELTS topics. To do a full test would require thousands of questions, so this just looks at one topic – sports. However, it also shows a great band 9 sample answer, which can be used for teaching structure and referencing to your students.