Advertising is a topic that can sometimes come up in the IELTS exam, but students and learners both tend to overlook the complexity of the topic. Is it enough to know just “advertisement” and then to be able to briefly mention that there are TV ads, online ads, and newspaper ads? Probably not. In this PPT, I outline many different kinds of advertisement, with a few language notes.

I used this vocabulary PPT to teach the topic of advertising to my students recently and made sure that they knew different pronunciations for advertisement (UK and US) as well as how to talk about each kind. I used the PPT as inspiration for talking about each kind of advert.

The PPT is set up so you can elicit answers from students. This helps them to remember words better. Show them the image for thirty seconds and let them think about it before telling them any answers they don’t know. At the end, review the material to let it sink in.

After teaching this vocabulary, I had my students create advertising campaigns for imaginary products. You could also just give them IELTS questions to do, but I thought my way was a little more fun.