Talking About Days and Dates

So you want to practice talking days and dates with your ESL students? Look no further. Below, I’ve attached a calendar I made for the month of February. Why? You’ll see… This fun activity is suitable for students of all ages and can be used in combination with any number of other related activities. It will challenge even intermediate students, and yet is suitable for lower levels.


Notice that this February has 29 days. That means it comes from a leap year.

Give this calendar to your students and then tell them it’s currently the 15th of February. Then the need to do the following:


  1. Color the following yellow: St. Valentines’s Day, the leap year day.
  2. Color the following green: the day before yesterday, the weekend before last, the day after tomorrow, the Monday after next
  3. Color the following red: tomorrow, next Saturday, a week today, a week tomorrow
  4. Color the following purple: in four days’ time, a fortnight ago, the whole of last week (mon-fri)
Their calendar should now look like this:

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