Sports Vocabulary for ESL Learners

I love teaching sports vocabulary to my ESL learners. It’s always fun, and there’s so much for them to learn. Moreover, it’s actually quite easy to get the concepts across. Show them a picture or video of windsurfing and even if they’ve never heard of it before, they know immediately what it is.

Below, I have embedded a PPT that will teach your pre-intermediate or intermediate level learners some useful sports vocabulary. For intermediates, you’ll want to avoid boring them during the easier slides by eliciting some vocabulary and writing it up on the board. When I come to something they know, like baseball, I ask what the man uses to hit the ball…

…they struggle with that.

This PPT can be great for teaching the more advanced level students words like “cricket bat” and “tennis racket” and “hockey stick”. (Why so many different words?!)

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