PowerPoint for Adjectives Describing Food

Yesterday I taught a class all about food, which my Chinese students loved. In China, everyone talks about food! It seems strange to us in the West, where we like talking politics and weather and sport, but in China everyone is talking about food all the time… it’s just a quirk of culture.

Yet many of the students can’t talk about food in English, and the ideas that they express in their native language don’t translate well. They will happily say, “This is delicious… that’s delicious… those are delicious…” So I wanted to make a PPT that would teach them some useful adjectives to describe flavour and texture.

Important note: In the slide teaching the word “spicy,” I used a very rude word 😉 I like to check whether my students are paying attention or not, and this always gets them. If you think that is inappropriate for your students, please remember to edit that page before you use the PPT.

Here it is:

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