ESL Speaking and Listening for David Epstein’s TED Talk

Oh boy, has it been a month since my last post? Almost. It was a national holiday here in China and then I was busy preparing classes for my new students. I’ve also been posting most of my teacher’s material over at my IELTS preparation website.

Today I’m giving you an ESL lesson based upon a TED talk by David Esptein. I love TED talks for ESL. They’re great fun and, importantly, they’re free! Also, you can access the website here in China, which is a real rarity. Anyone behind the Great Firewall knows what I mean. 🙂 You can also download them pretty easily straight from the website and then take them to class on a USB.

This lesson is all about sports, and it starts out with a speaking activity, followed by listening ones. The first listening is very general and I like it for my university students because they’re supposed to be developing note-taking skills. I take my time to craft a summary together as a group, piecing together sentences from their notes.

Some comprehension questions would be great but I only had 45 minutes with this group for this video, so I kept it simple.

Here’s the file. Feel free to share.


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