A Fun Way to Practice Adjective Clauses

Grammar can be boring… but it doesn’t always have to be that way. You can use games to teach grammar. Take TABOO, for example. It’s a classic after-dinner game in English speaking countries. You probably didn’t think of it much before, but often when playing TABOO you would use adjective clauses. Think about it:

You need to describe the Eiffel Tower but you can’t say:

  • Paris
  • France
  • Tower
  • Tall
So what do you do?
How about this:
“It’s a famous landmark which is located in a popular European city. It is a big structure that is made of metal.”
Look at that. Two adjective clauses!
Here’s a PPT I made that’s ready to go for your students. Just download it (it’s free) and take it to class.

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